Enjoy Unhindered Security With This Solar Powered Security Camera

With the current state of the economy and the constant increase in crime rate, protecting home, businesses from external threats and constant monitoring of activities within and outside of your home becomes a top priority.

Do you know you can monitor and prevent crime at your home, your sites like your storage yards, agriculture and farming land, ports, electricity sub stations and construction sites 24/7 without reliance on power source.

Do you know potential criminals may be deterred from vandalizing or shoplifting knowing that you have the ability to catch them in the act because they have seen the extra steps taken to protect your home and business.

The solution to all of these concerns is installing the Solar powered security camera

This system offers the ability to monitor even the most remote locations, harnessing an inexhaustible power source (The Sun).

With the sun providing an endless supply of free energy, solar-powered cameras deliver round-the-clock surveillance of your home or business.

You can connect the solar panel to our corresponding solar camera, and many people have found it convenient to do so. 

Without the right security gadget, your home stays exposed and at the mercy of these criminals. This is why this gadget can provide covert, all round security for your home.

This is the best solution to curb child molestation, theft and every other evil vices in your home and within your neighborhood.

Get a perfect view of how this works and the installation process


This device cost N150,000 for 1 piece, and it's definitely worth more than this price. 

 The trauma, loses, and cost this solution will averse is nothing compared to the price.

However, we are offering you a discount so you can get it for N110,000 but due to the increasingly high demand for these Security Cameras during these unprecedented times, we cannot say how long this discount will last. So if you’re here now, then act fast!

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  • Utilizing the power of the sun, solar panels offer a long-term solution for keeping your security cameras going. This is all without the need for using electricity from a power outlet.
  • Without needing to be physically on-site to replace or recharge a battery, solar panels give you greater flexibility in protecting your valuables from afar. You can leave town without worrying about the battery knowing that the solar panel has you covered.
  • All solar panels need is direct sunlight to power your security camera season after season. There’s no need to connect the camera to your electrical system since the battery is automatically recharged by the sun.
  • It  is very cost effective.
  • Not Dependent on a Local Power Supply. Because the system is solar-powered, the need for an electrical power source is eliminated. Backup cells ensure that the device remains fully operational even through days of low light. Not being hooked into mains power means your security surveillance isn’t at the mercy of the power companies and blackouts won’t affect your ability to secure your site.


How long do Solar Powered Camera last?

What is the difference between the Security Camera and Surveillance Camera. 

Are solar-powered CCTV cameras any good?



Worth for this price.
Solar battery is working very good.



"No cables needed; ladder not included." If you want a product that sounds too good to be true...and is...then this is your dream. When I tested it everything worked nicely -- the video image was decent, the audio worked, the app controlled it just fine. I found a spot on my house with good wifi and spent an hour installing it...



The camera is built very well, the solar panel looks well made and from what I can tell it has a great video board. Long battery life so far.



Please DO NOT fill the Order form if you are not ready to pay for this Solar Powered Camera in the next 1-3 business days that it will take to get to you

We incur a lot of costs to cover the delivery of this product across Nigeria while still maintaining a reduced price, so to avoid a waste of time and resources, we plead with you to order ONLY if you are ready for this product.

So If you’re READY, Let’s Get You Your Order Now!!!

NOTE: you are to pay N2,000 commitment fee  to our company account, then you balance up when the product gets to you. This helps us sieve out unserious buyers who trick us to send product to them when they know they will not pay for it

Fill Out The Order Form Below Correctly To Place an Order Now!!!


We understand how important it is to make safety a top priority for your home this period and we guarantee you that this outdoor solution is your best bet.

If you order from us, we give you a guarantee that this product works well and to ensure that, you can test it as soon as our delivery agent delivers it to you and if it is not what you want you can ask for a refund and we will give you.

You satisfaction is our utmost priority!

For further enquiries, send a WhatsApp message to 08129815038

Remember, that you have few days left to take this awesome offer. See timer to see how many days you have left


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