I've enjoyed the pleasure of massage chairs in airports, shopping malls and elsewhere. The low price and small footprint of the Smagreho made it a practical purchase for me. To my surprise it has genuine practical benefits. Over the years I've had minor problems with my back, and as I got older (I'm 70 now), soreness became almost constant. Although I have a comfortable memory foam bed, I was always stiff and sore for an hour or two after I got up in the morning. Two weeks of twice-daily 15-minute sessions in the Smagreho completely addressed that stiff back. Mild neuropathy in my feet has also greatly improved. The chair also seems to open up my lungs significantly, reducing the effect of asthma. The "sleep" cycle works; I have just enough time to go from chair to bed before I fall asleep. The benefits are long-lasting, even after three weeks of traveling, though I was glad to get home to my Smagreho. Despite its low price it seems to have reasonbly good build quality and good implementations of all the major features of the more expensive chairs. Maybe I could spend an extra $2000 (or more) to get one that's even better, but it probably would not be that much better. Like other users, I had some trouble assembling it. As noted, the holes for screws are not precise and I had to pull hard to get the sides aligned. After plugging it in, the "fingers" worked and I could hear the air compressor, but the bags did not inflate. I worked up the courage to open it up and found the main air tube completely disconnected. I plugged that in and it's been working fine for several months now. I recommend this massage chair for anyone of typical height, maybe 5'2" to 6'2", who has someone who will help them for 2 or 3 hours while putting it together.

- Keith

This product was better than expected. We bought it for my father to relax from coming back from work and it has done wonders with his back and leg pains. It is super easy to set up with less pieces to put together than expected. When we made it work for the first time, the chair was easy to set up with the mode you want it to do. The heater is a great bonus, awesome for naps because it is super comfortable! The Bluetooth feature is great for music and the speakers work great for low and high settings. This chair was great for the price and worth the money. I would buy again!

- Emily

I’ve been back in the gym for the past few months and have recently amped up my weight training which led to a lot of muscle soreness. In addition, I work in an office setting with a lot of time spent on the laptop and phone causing tension in my neck and shoulders. My daughter ordered this to alleviate some of these aches and pains. I was a little skeptical at first but within a few minutes of using it, I was amazed at how good I felt! The tension melted away from my shoulders and I was able to go on a long hike after using it despite the prior muscle soreness in my legs. This is a must have for every household!

This gun works magnificently; the price is fantastic as well. It's easy to use, and has lots of useful attachments, it's powerful and quiet, some had mentioned you have to click the speed button up and down to adjust the power, compared to the price of other massage guns, I have no problem pressing the up and down for speed. It charges quickly, and the battery holds up nicely.
Highly Recommend